Car Servicing in Glasgow

Book online in Darnley and Paisley - Servicing from just £129.00.

Regularly serviced cars often perform better, have a more excellent fuel economy, as well as require fewer repairs throughout their life and command a higher resale value.

Servicing gives one of our experienced technicians an invaluable opportunity to take a good look around your vehicle. At Darnley Garage, you can book any one of our comprehensive servicing options online, using our live interactive booking system. We offer 3 options, starting at the low price of only £129.00.

Oil service & MOT from only £129.00

The Oil service & MOT is recommended at least once a year to ensure all the moving components in your engine are well lubricated and working smoothly.

Whats Included

Interim service & MOT from only £159.99

The Interim Service & MOT is suitable for high mileage car users who may need a service between their full services. Our Interim Service & MOT also consists of a large number of checks across the vehicle with new oil, a new oil filter and fluid top-ups.

While not as thorough as a Full service & MOT, it still gives our technicians an excellent opportunity to monitor the overall health of your vehicle.

Whats Included

Full service & MOT from only £229.00

Our Full service & MOT is our most comprehensive servicing option. It features dozens of checks across the vehicle as well as a complete engine oil change, replacement filters and new spark plugs where needed. We recommend this service for those who regularly meet or exceed 10,000 annual miles annually.

Whats Included

Manufacturer Specification Servicing

Let your vehicle enjoy a first-class service at an Independent Garage - without invalidating your warranty, we can update your Digital Service Record.We are authorised by Most Manufacturers to Update Online Service Records (VAG, Merc, BMW, Jag/L.Rover, Mazda & More).

For vehicles still under their manufacturer warranty, we recommend our manufacturer specification servicing.

Thanks to recent European legislation (Block Exemption), you can now choose to have your vehicle serviced at an Independent Garage without invalidating your warranty. At Darnley Garage because we have access to every manufacturer's recommended service schedule.

We replicate the service items that would be carried out by a primary dealer, and by only utilising parts of original equipment standard (OEM), you'll receive a first-class service at an affordable price. All manufacturer's service schedules vary, so please contact us for an affordable quote on your next manufacturer-standard service.

Contact our friendly team at Darnley Garage for anything to do with your vehicle.